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Navigating Your Marketing In Crisis Mode

The average thought in our mind as business owners would be, “I have to cut market spending.”

Cut, cut, cut, right? You’d be surprised at how research disproves this course of action.

Did you know that businesses who increased their marketing efforts during a recession saw as much as a 200% increase in sales over the following consecutive years? This means that cutting back on your marketing budget COULD put you at a disadvantage.


1. Your competition is always watching. Your direct competitors can potentially end of decreasing your profitability by moving in with better prices and offers during this time.

2. There are more people at home. They are also watching. More visibility = more leads.

We understand that during this time, pivoting in this way may be a difficult move for some. However, if you can manage to continue get in front of your target audience, your business will surely see a return!

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